Cyclo Vac GX5010

This two-motor ultra-performing vacuum is specially designed for installations with retractable hose inlets. Indeed, it generates a water lift (H2O) which counts amongst the highest on the market. This model is also recommended for commercial buildings. Equipped with our unique and exclusive DataSync technology, this unit allows for the selection of four power levels, and provides instructions needed for its maintenance on the hose handle as well as on an LCD monitor integrated onto the power unit. Its patented carbon dust filtration system captures the fine black dust produced by the motor, thus eliminating deposits on surfaces surrounding the vacuum unit. This way, it ensures superior indoor air quality.

Product Information

  • 1160 airwatts
  • Surfaces: 930 m2/10 000 ft2 & more
  • DataSync technology
  • Two motors: 240 V in series
  • Warranty: up to 15 years