Procyon Extreme! Carpet Cleaner

The most advanced and effective cleaned of its type available on the market. Not only does it guarantee you extraordinary cleaning results, it is also totally safe!

PROCYON Extreme! Carpet Cleaner is unique in that it starts with a pH of 11.5 concentrated, but when mixed to RTU (just 4 oz. to a gallon), the pH drops to 7.6, which means it is safe and effective for even the most delicate fibers. Easily clean extremely neglected commercial carpets as well as the “hard to clean” carpets manufactured with olefin or acrylic fibers for example.

You can effortlessly plow through heavy oil & grease-soiled restaurant carpets and always come up with excellent results. Removes ground in dirt from severely soiled traffic lanes, it will also remove tough spots & stains caused by blood, various inks, road tar, gum, ketchup, shoe polish, tea, coffee, food and beverage residues, and more! Mix with hot or cold water and use as a pre-spray or with cleaning systems such as truck mounts, steam cleaners, portable extractors, rotary scrubbers as well as for bonnet cleaning or encapsulation.

It offers you enormous cost savings by eliminating the need for a huge list of cleaning solutions such as traffic lane pre-sprays, defoamers, and acidic rinse agents. And, with its exceptional dilution ratio, each gallon will cover approximately 10,000 sq. ft.

Product Information

  • Superior Cleaning Results
  • Highly Effective
  • Faster Soil Remover
  • No Sticky Soap or Detergent Residues
  • Spots and Stains will not bleed back
  • Absolutely Odorless
  • Environmentally Preferable
  • User Safe
  • Soap & Detergent Free
  • Odor Free
  • Nontoxic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No VOC’s
  • No Enzymes
  • No Bacteria
  • No Bleach
  • No Toxic Oxidizing or Reducing Agents